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Vaastu - A Brief Intro

The secret of success of Vaastu is nothing but designing the habitats as per the tenets of natural order, by conquering the Five elements(Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Sky ) in a positive way for peace and prosperity of the mankind. Every ordinary man residing in a dwelling built as per Vaastu becomes a Multi-Millionaire or Prime Minister or Centenarian.

A house constructed as per the principles of Vaastu will definitely yield good results and leads to the happy living of the inhabitant. It should be realized that wealth, prosperity and longevity are relative terms and hence it should be realized that a house perfectly built as per Vaastu, however small it may be, makes the inhabitant lead a relatively better life amidst prosperity and good health.

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Vaastu is for all Human

Vaastu is for all human - Vaastu is a science. We all know that any science is meant for human existence only. Some argue that Vaastu applies only to Hindus but not to other religions and there is no need for them to follow it.

But among the people who respect Vaastu along with Hindus, Muslims, Christians, and Sikhs are also there. They obtained advices and got good results. Now foreigners too started using Vaastu profusely.

Since the science of Vaasthu is secular and universal, it does not distinguish between the users according to their caste and creed.

Whether to believe Vaastu or not ?

Some people never believe in Vaastu. They used to argue how the future depends on a house and without working how one can get progress? When some people are working very hard but still why their family faces troubles?

You survey in your surrounding the houses where suicides, life threatening accidents or people who suffered chronic diseases and people who lost every thing in business. Definitely you can notice strong Vaastu defects.

In the same way you can locate the good vaastu houses where they get good results. A house constructed as per the principles of Vaastu will definitely yield good results and leads to the happy living of the inhabitant. While a house built casually without following the tenets of Vaasthu, results in a great misery and unhappiness to the inhabitant.

For builders we can vet their plan and give suggestions as per Vaastu and help them ifor timely completion of their projects with Vaastu corrected plan

Bad Effects of Vaastu... A few for your reference

Suicide, murder, cancer, paralysis, life threatening dangers, those who are bankrupted in business, facing horrible circumstances, loss of job, loss of children, no development, children education spoiled, no happiness in family, accidents, abortions, no male issue, mental unrest, marriage denial. Souring relationship between wife and husband - examine their flats. Ugly Vaastu defects will be visible mocking at them

Good Effects of Vaastu... A few for your reference

Fortune, Good health, Long life, Better job, Promotion in carreer, Recognition in society, Marriage, Happiness in family,Child birth,Childrens good education, Foreign journey, Financial growth,Purchase of land / house, hormony in family. Success in business, Health of male members, Health of female members, Fame, Wealth, Victory, Mental peace, Free from depression, etc...

If Vaastu is proper, it confers auspicious results. Vaastu science offers comfortable abode, pleasant atmosphere and relieves man of drudgery and prods him to search for new avenues and thinking.

It helps him overcome many hurdles and contributes to conducive climate in the house. It offers success professionally and financial prosperity.

Vaastu Myths

Installation of certain mystic devices like yantra, chakra, etc, is not a plausible proposition.

Vaastu - Building Structural Changes?

Personalised Site visit is a must for proper analysis but for proposed purchase of un built flat / house building plan with descriptive of surroundings can give you a fair idea.

Wheather apartments sold by all builders comply with Vaastu?

Every man wants to live a peaceful life with his wife and children. Building a house of his dreams and residing there should make his life happy.

Vaastu applies to Apartments too. The house built as per Vaastu will give sound and standard life while the defective will always make you turbulent throughout the life. This bears upon mind and soul but also upon body with social and financial intricate problems, attacking the sleep and health.

Real estate businessmen are constructing and selling apartments. Flats in the apartments built by them are claimed as vaastu perfect constructions, publicizing it they are claiming more rate. Some other engineers, keeping in view the primary things like a well in the northeast and a stove in the southeast, say that they have perfect Vaastu and no need to consult others. Some others say that Vaastu will not be applied to apartments as they are parts of a house.

Before finalizing a flat / plan with a promoter people can have a check with us for proper Vaastu consultation.

Defective Vaastu ? What? Why? How?

The effects of Vaastu defects may not happen soon. Sooner or later it will happen. The defects of wrong construction in a house will come to light focusing their impact in some years or some time. Vaastu defect will show its impact whoever may be the residents at any point of time.

But when the site is correct to compass and the house is built with defects, the results will be coming up a bit late. 12 years or so. If the site is too big it will take some more years.

Vaastu defects may become the source of grave dangerous.

Self-Vaastu Corrections (Reading Books, Websites, etc) - How Effective?

People of experience in Vaastu will be able to understand the pros and cons of a house quickly because of their analytical power. Few people keeping in view the primary things like a well in the Northeast and a stove in the Southeast, say that they have perfect Vaastu and no need to consult others. But a opinion from an expert will be worth the money spent.

If you refer web sites and books you will come to know about vaastu shastram, Manaiadi shastram, Shilpa shastram, feng shui etc. In vasstu different people put forth different theory. Many people mix some or all of these. We sincerely request all to not to carry over these and do changes by your self.

We also provide plan for building your new house adhering Vaastu principles and as per CMDA/ local authority rules

For builders we can vet their plan and give suggestions as per Vaastu and help them ifor timely completion of their projects with Vaastu corrected plan

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Vaastu opinion - When to get opinion for Vaastu ?

Just as you are planning for a health check-up you please have a Vaastu opinion on the place you live in. you can optimise your luck of the place you live in by getting Vaastu opinion. Since the defects in Vaastu will reflect who ever resides in it whether owner or tenent or guests irrespective of their position, age, gender depending upon the defective points. You may lived there for a couple of years with prosperity but the bad Vaastu effects may show later also and you and your family members should not be a victim of ignorance.

Vaastu solution for home will be effective for improving ones own income / money flow, right job, career growth and health of the residents, relationships and love life, child birth, childrens education, prosperity, family harmony, marriage etc. and for the other areas you are facing problem or goals you wish to achieve.

Note to Viewers :

Applying Vasthu concepts by book reading and/or generalised vastu principles may turn into adverse effects. We have to apply Vaastu principles individually to the total property. We(Sri Varu Professional Vaastu Consultants) will visit your place/site, analyse the details for the complete place(using tools, techniques and formulae, principles, including neighbouring places and their effects, etc).

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