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About US

Vaastu Saagar with 25+ years rich experience in Vaastu. Started practice from 1985, has knowledge in Astrology, Palmistry, Numerology . He has rich research experience in residential, commercial and industrial Vaastu has helped thousands of individuals and companies achieve success and growth in personal life, career and business.

We do Vastu Consultation Service for

Residences, Apartments/Flats(Including Rental), Corporate Companies, Industries, Institutions, Commercial Complexes, Business Houses, Shops/Trading Places, etc

How We Work?

Vaastu mirrors the past, present and future.

Vaastu diagnoses the diseases of houses in the past, present and future. Detecting them beforehand helps, removing them and Vaastu has that skill and ability.

What we Do?
  • Visit the site, analyse the surroundings and its impact on the site.
  • Bring Vaastu compass and Study the Directions and Degrees on which the road, entry and house is situated and calculate the deviations/variations.
  • Study the influence of adjoining buildings, roads, back lane, slope, height, light, water borings, etc.
  • Study other factors/issues located inside and outside of your premise / building.
  • Study the articles/materials/things placed inside the premises.
  • See the cardinal directions and angle four of them are as important as East, West, North and South.
  • Measure the site for detailed analysis, rooms and find the merits and demerits of the site after doing required calculations.
What we provide? (Our Vastu Solutions)
  • Do necessary calculations with the available data and the required analysis
  • Study, Analyse and find alternative solutions for correcting your site problems
  • Explain the Current Situation or Nature of the your Site based on our Vastu Analysis and Study
  • Explain the Merits and Demerits of your site with the available study report
  • Suggest the Solutions with required changes to be done Internal & External.
  • Suggest placement options of Articles/things tobe placed inside Premises.
  • Evaluate and Verify the changes you have made after certain period of time
Methodology, Techniques & References

We follow vaastu shastram which is time tested, proven and originated from ancient texts in our country. Many seers contributed for this art and we can not give credit to a single entity but one Mr. GOURU TIRUPATI REDDY did a commendable work in this field.

Vaastu Opinion / Solution

Get Vastu Opinion/Solution - Prosper Positively.

Vaastu opinion / solution are provided to individuals/ builders on prior appointment only.

Whoever wants a vaastu opinion, please do it with an expert and you are sure to reap benefits.

Client's Testimonials/What Clients Say?

Sir, I was in a position to distrust your suggestions as a rationalist. But on seeing certain things with my own eyes I made up my mind to believe them. Thank you very much.

Vasanth. M, Choolai Medu, Chennai

Mr. Sagar visited our house and complex. The changes he suggested brought many good results. We got promotion and our children are in US now. I heartily congratulate Mr. Sagar.

Renganathan, Mylapore, Chennai

Respected sir, you visited our house on our request. I had only female issues earlier. We were longing for a male issue. You advised me to arrange a door in the east of our house in the vacant side on the site. I arranged as per your suggestion. After that my wife conceived and we got a baby boy. We will never forget you sir. Thank you very much.

Ganesh, Velacherry, Chennai

Sir, I invited you Bangalore and took to our factory. You analysed it and suggested some changes. We did the same. Subsequently we received unexpected benefits. I felt it necessary to take this knowledge to the doors of all.

Sadagopan Srinivasan, Bangalore

Personalised Site visit & Consultation is Good. We are Happy NOW.

Kumar, Finance Consultant, Mylapore

Your Happiness is phone call away, Just Call us for Vaastu Soln

Vaastu for

Vaastu plan, Home solution. Site visit, Doors position, Street thrust, Compound wall, Steps, Stair case, Sump, Plants and trees, Bed room Vaastu, Kitchen Vaastu, Study room Vaastu, Store room Vaastu, Bath room Vaastu,Hall / reception Vaastu, Pooja room Vaastu,loss of peace, heavy expenditure, low income, lay off, health problem, education, court cases, no children, no male issue, children study, no marriage, accident

Note to Viewers :

Applying Vasthu concepts by book reading and/or generalised vastu principles may turn into adverse effects. We have to apply Vaastu principles individually to the total property. We(Sri Varu Professional Vaastu Consultants) will visit your place/site, analyse the details for the complete place(using tools, techniques and formulae, principles, including neighbouring places and their effects, etc).

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